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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to our First Grade classroom! I am delighted to be part of the St. Mary community and I look forward to working with you and your child throughout this academic year.


We believe in educating the whole child in partnership with parents.


We believe each child is a unique gift from God who is called to share his/her talents.


We believe that our students will leave our school with a strong academic and spiritual foundation to meet the challenges of our changing world.


We believe that we are a family committed to living our Catholic Faith.

Important information to remember:

Daily Binders
Each student will be given a binder that will go home daily and will be expected back daily. These binders will carry homework in addition to any correspondence between the classroom and home. Please be sure to check for these Binders at the end of each school day.

Our Turtle!
Each day a child will be picked to be Star of the Day. The Star of the Day leads Number Corner activities, stands first in line and is an overall "helper" for the day. In addition, this student will be taking home our plush turtle (to be named by the students) along with a journal in a bag. Inside the cover of this journal will be directions for you and your child to refer to when it is your turn to add an entry. In short, your child is to write an entry about their evening with our turtle. The next day our turtle is to come back with the journal and bag for our next Star of the Day to enjoy.

Please refer to the St. Mary Parent/Student Handbook to view rules and regulations regarding this topic. If your child is absent please send a note back to school. If your child had a doctor's appointment they must have a note from the doctor in order for the absence to be excused.

Please refer to the St. Mary Parent/Student Handbook to view rules and regulations regarding this topic.

Remember to put your child's name on all items worn or brought to school.

Field Trips
Selected field trips are planned throughout the year to enrich our curriculum. You will be notified of dates and how you can assist. Please send a bag lunch on field trips that are during lunchtime or if they last all day. Remember to cancel hot lunches as well. Uniforms will be worn on most field trips. Buses are used unless we walk locally.

All money sent to school must be in the pencil pouch found inside the Daily Binders.

Please put all late lunches/homework on the table near the office. Please do not bring them to the classroom.

I know how special a birthday can be, especially for these first graders! In addition to classroom recognition, you may also donate a book or game to the classroom.
**Those of you who have children with summer birthdays please contact me for an alternate day to celebrate.

Classroom Boundaries
Be positive
Be safe
Be respectful
Be kind
Be a good listener
Be your best
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